About Us

We are a group of students in Vancouver who are incredibly passionate about Genshin Impact and the amazing world of Teyvat. We are NOT a drop-shipping website! Instead, our store organizes group orders in the form of pre-sales while also offering wholesale options of the most popular products as well as those produced by local creators.

As a brand-new project, we are hoping that through initial pre-sale campaigns, we can build a solid foundation to grow into a larger local brand, providing opportunities and a platform for local artists to share and sell their own work!


How are items priced?

For group-buy and pre-sale products, we price our items based on the total cost of a bulk-order divded by our expected amount of units sold per batch.

For stocked/wholesale items, we apply a small markup on top of the inital pre-sale offer, using the margins to pay for website upkeep and other related costs.

Our prices are generally much lower than competitor retailers as profit comes secondary to us after value, quality and accessibility. Our primary goal remains in providing a way for local Genshin enthusiasts to share in our common passion.

How is shipping/delivery handled?

We currently offer 3 shipping options:

1. Free pick-up at a specified location offered twice per month. Typically, pick-up times will be on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, with one held at UBC's Vancouver campus and the other by Bryne Creek Secondary in Burnaby.

2. A delivery option extending to most areas of Metro Vancouver for a flat rate of $4 and a fulfilment time of between 1 to 2 weeks.

3. An expedited shipping option with Canada Post for a guaranteed 1 to 2 day delivery.

For more information regarding our shipping and delivery process, head on over to our shipping policy page.

Where do you source your products?

Our custom plushies are sourced from a range of manufacturers both local and overseas. We negotiate the best prices and shipping options from our suppliers, as well as rigorously review the quality of the products we decide to offer.

Official merch is sourced from Genshin's flagship store. We facillitate payment processing, tracking, shipping and delivery.

Our prints, stickers and fanart merch are offered in partnership with local artists and creators through high-end print shops in Vancouver.

Finally, our made-to-order 3D figures are all printed, packaged and delivered locally to ensure the highest standard of printing with no margins of error.

What are your policies on refunds and returns?

Currently, we offer refunds through Paypal for orders placed within either 2 weeks of a request, or for orders placed on pre-sales that were unable to meet the estimated requirement for a bulk-order.

Additionally, if you receive a product which you find to be damaged or not-as-advertised, you can, within the first 2 days of receiving the delivered product, shoot us a message on any of our social platforms or send us an email containing a photo of the deficient product as well as your reasoning for the request.

If you received the wrong product or didn't receive one at all after you were told it arrived, let us know through an email, attaching your order receipt to it, as well as any photos you could include as support.

Sponsors and Partners

Interested in partnering with us or having us sponsor your event? Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form here or email us directly at genshin.vancouver@gmail.com.

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